Saturday, March 24, 2012

Impala 1.0.2 released

I am pleased to announce the release of Impala 1.0.2. This is primarily a bug fix release, but also contains some minor as well as more significant feature enhancements.

It's downloadable from the Impala downloads page. The jars will also be available shortly on the Maven central repository. 

Optional modules
It is now possible to express dependencies on optional modules. Module B may declare an optional dependency on module A, which means that if A is present, it's classes, resources and beans will be visible to module B. However, if A is not loaded, the application will not fail.

This feature makes it possible to allow optional functionality to be included in an application.

Module-specific library jars
This feature, described an earlier blog entry, allows a module to use third party library classes which are specific to that module. In other words, it allows a module to load it's own version of a particular third party library class, potentially one which is different from or conflicts with the class visible to other modules in the application.

In addition, this release covers a number of other issues. See the list of issues in this release.

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