Wednesday, May 21, 2008

JavaWUG BOF 37: talk on Impala Framework

Just a quick update on my talk at the Java Web User Group in London last night. Thanks for those who made - as always it was an enjoyable evening.

Here's a copy of the presentation.

A main focus of my presentation was a demo based on an Impala version of the Spring Petclinic application - one of the main reference applications bundled with the Spring Framework.

During the demo I introduced a new feature to the application, involving a new database table, some new Hibernate mappings, persistence code, as well as some enhancements to the web presentation layer. The changes were made without having to restart the application during the demo, all updates were made on the fly.

The source code for the demo is available from the Impala subversion repository. The changes made during the demo are in this file.


Evans Anyokwu said...

Thanks Phil for the Amazing presentation.

I thought it was great and judging by the feedback from others, it showed they loved it too.

Great presentation!


Phil Zoio said...

Evans, Thanks for that.

See you at the next meeting.

Umesh said...

Hi Phil,
How are you? I do think that this is a very exiting project and want to join it.

Let me know where to start from and what are the immediate plans?


Phil Zoio said...

Hi Umesh (not sure which one from your profile)

If you're interested in getting involved, take a look at the following page:

Also take a look at the issue tracker.